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East China Normal University Alumni Association in America
DBA ECNU Education Foundation (U.S.)

Introduction and Board of Directors


East China Normal University Alumni Association in America (ECNUAAA) is a non-profit non-political organization registered in the District of Columbia on January 16, 2008.  It has a trade name of ECNU Education Foundation.  ECNUAAA is also a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit public charity approved by the United States Internal Revenue Services on June 15, 2009.   ECNUAAA is devoted to foster mutual support among East China Normal University alumni living in the United States and provide education services to East China Normal University.  

The first national conference of ECNUAAA was held in the Washington, DC area in October 2006, which elected seventeen alumni members to form the first ECNUAAA Board of Directors and Dr. Zhong Yi Tong as the President.  Since then, ECNUAAA has so far established nine chapters from merely one chapter and grown to more than 1,200 members throughout the United States of America from just about 300 members.  It has organized hundreds of alumni activities in various parts of the U.S., awarded a great deal of donation dollars to ECNU students through need-based assistantships and merit-based scholarships, and facilitated numerous educational and research cooperation between US alumni and East China Normal University.

Headquartered in the America’s capital, Washington, DC, ECNUAAA currently has nine chapters located in Washington, DC area, New York, Northern California, Southern California, Philadelphia-Princeton area, Houston area, Midwest region, Seattle are, and China (for US alumni returned to China) respectively.  The last chapter was  just established in the Seattle area on June 17, 2018.

President (2006 – 2018):

Zhong Yi Tong

Board of Directors (2017 – 2018):

Zhong Yi Tong (Washington, D.C.)

Jiande Chen (Maryland)

Feng Cao (Virginia)

Mitchell Ho (Miaozhuang He) (Maryland)

Yuqiu Chen (Virginia)

Songkao Ren (New York)

Susan Wang (New York)

Jiong Shen (New York)

Bingliang Cheng (Northern California)

Jinkang Gong (Northern California and China)

Irene Zhang (Northern California)

Marc Shi (Northern California)

Jennifer Chen (Northern California)

Jianyu Zha (Northern California and China)

Qiu Julie Bao (former president, Pennsylvania)

Qin Shao (New Jersey)

Wenhong Luo (Pennsylvania)

Ye Wang (Pennsylvania/New Jersey)

Xingwu Wang (Illinois)

Baiqiang Jin (Illinois)

Guoqin Tang (Southern California and China)

Xuelin Li (Southern California)

Mian Michael Wang (Southern California)

David Cheng (Southern California)

Qiang Hua (Southern California)

Wei Mo (Texas)

Ji Jing (Texas)

Jianchang Mao (Washington)

Jun Tang (Washington)

Ke Claire Ding (Washington)

Fanying Shi (Washinton)


Scholarship/Assistantship Committee Chairman:

Jiande Chen


Feng Cao


Wei Mo

Legal Counsel:

Xiaohui Yu


Wenhong Luo


Contact Information


President of ECNUAAA:

Dr. Zhong Yi Tong,


President of ECNUAAA - Washington, DC Chapter:

Dr. Jiande Chen,


President of ECNUAAA – New York Chapter

Mr. Songkao Ren,


President of ECNUAAA – Northern California Chapter:

Ms. Irene Zhang,


President of ECNUAAA – Southern California Chapter:

Dr. Xuelin Li,


President of ECNUAAA – Philadelphia-Princeton Chapter:

Dr. Ye Wang,


President of ECNUAAA – Houston Chapter:

Dr. Ji Jing,


President of ECNUAAA – Midwest Chapter

Dr. Xingwu Wang,


President of ECNUAAA – Seattle Chapter

Dr. Jianchang Mao,


President of ECNUAAA - Station of US Alumni Returned to China (海归站)

Mr. Jianyu Zha,



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